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By creating a fusion between technology and physiology, Veinplicity offers healthcare professionals a simple, scientific solution for accessing difficult veins in patients across a range of healthcare environments.

This physiological effect of increased blood flow and stiff, engorged veins improves ease of access for pracitioners, procedure comfort for patients, and the cost outlay for healthcare facilities.




Patients who are elderly, have a high BMI, have darker skin tones, suffer from small, collapsing or rolling veins, or who have a history of chemotherapy treatments (among many others) tend to face more hurdles in the search for venous access.


However, within a few minutes of the Veinplicity device being used, these patients see an increase in peripheral vein availability in their forearms. This results in higher success rates for first-time access, which reduces anxiety, pain, stress, the risk of infection and the time spent waiting for an additional venous access specialist or repeat procedure.




The gentle stimulation delivered by Veinplicity produces veins that are larger, firmer and easier to palpate, which is especially helpful when a patient’s veins are not visible to the eye.


These physiological changes reduce the time required to find a usable vein and boost confidence since there are now more available veins to choose from.


This outcome helps practitioners obtain successful cannulation or venipuncture – even on challenging patients – often on the very first attempt. 




The key benefit for hospitals and other medical facilities is in the time and money saved. 


As the Veinplicity device increases the rate of successful access for practitioners, it decreases the amount of medical device waste and the time patients spend on site waiting for a specialist or a repeated attempt. Quicker venous access leaves pracitioners free to see more patients and ensures treated patients head home more satisfied with their experience. 


This increase in satisfaction and efficiency produces other positive effects for the facility too in terms of overall ranking and revenue saved.