Instructional video


Learn how to use and maintain the Veinplicity device in this step-by-step training video. 

Device results for different
patient groups


Discover how Veinplicity improves the success rate of venipuncture and cannulation for various difficult-to-stick patient groups.

Venous Access: The Unmet Medical Need


Hear from medical practitioners first-hand about limitations in the current standard of practice, especially for patient groups with difficult venous access.

What practitioners are saying about Veinplicity


Practitioners who are using the Veinplicity device explain what they like about it and how it improves their ability to treat patients. 

What patients are saying about Veinplicity


Patients who have experienced Veinplicity in use in the clinic discuss their experiences and what the stimulation feels like. 

These videos will help you understand
more about the Veinplicity device