The revolution in venous access

Veinplicity is an innovative, first-in-class electrical stimulation device used as an adjunct to venipuncture. 


The device utilizes a specific current and unique wave form to safely increase blood flow and stabilize peripheral veins in the forearm for easy venous access. 


By inducing a physiological response in the peripheral venous system through two points of contact – the palm and bicep – local blood volume is significantly increased, allowing practitioners to quickly and efficiently locate available veins.


Veins that are easier to find and more stable to access increase the rate of successful venipuncture and cannulation, resulting in lower patient anxiety and higher satisfaction.

Veinplicity Vision:


We want to make venous access issues a thing of the past. We want to provide a quicker, easier and less stressful experience for patients, and ultimately see Veinplicity become the standard of care for venous access.

Device development history:



Design of first prototype

Veinplicity was created by a bio-technical engineer, who also invented the infrared ear thermometer. He saw the need for a transformation in the way venous access is undertaken when his grandson had to endure frequent blood tests, in which clinical staff always struggled to find a usable vein.

Device developed in Switzerland


The team which later founded Physeon began a four-year journey to develop this device, including one pre-clinical and two clinical studies that involved 220 patients. Over 40 people were involved in the hands-on development of Veinplicity, from designers to regulatory affairs professionals to medical practitioners.


Refinement for implementation


Our process to refine the device took into account the needs of healthcare professionals, including medical doctors, nurses, EMTs and phlebotomists. We also researched the different situations requiring venous access from urgent care and preoperative preparation to blood donation, chemotherapy suites and pediatric care, to name just a few. With each of the associated professionals providing input, Veinplicity was refined for use in challenging environments, like outside in the field, as well as in a range of settings throughout the hospital environment.


Veinplicity device receives CE certification 

Veinplicity received CE Mark certification for sale and use in the European Union. The entire Physeon team is excited to improve conditions for practitioners and positively impact the care patients receive each and every day!






Veinplicity is
CE mark certified!

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