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Veinplicity is an innovative, first-in-class electrical stimulation device, which is used as an adjunct for venipuncture.




Utilizing a gentle current, the Veinplicity device increases blood flow in the forearm and stabilizes peripheral veins for easier venous access. As the local blood volume increases, practitioners are presented with larger, more rigid veins that are easier to palpate. 


This rise in vein availability gives practitioners more options for venipuncture or cannulation and increases patient satisfaction as the number of failed attempts they must endure declines.

Are you looking for a device to aid venous access?


Veinplicity is the only venous access device that has a physiological effect on veins. The stimulation can increase vein diameter by up to 50%. Newly engorged veins remain palpable for at least 10 minutes after stimulation ensuring practitioners have both hands free to access more veins in practical locations.

“The failure rate for gaining peripheral venous access is 10-50% depending on the patient population.”



Worldwide statistic based on 13 clinical

studies published between 2005 & 2011

“Once I’ve applied the Veinplicity pads, I can visibly see the vessel engorge a couple of minutes later. It really helps me as a practitioner to be able to access the larger vessel straight away.”



Maya Guerrero, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Vascular Access & IV Therapy, UK

The Veinplicity device has a CE mark and is available on a limited basis in the EU. It is manufactured to ISO standard 1385 in the United States. It is not yet FDA approved and is not yet commercially available in the US.

Here's how Veinplicity is removing barriers to venous access...



It has a physiological effect on peripheral veins, causing them to engorge as the blood flow increases

These more rigid veins are easier to palpate, which is especially helpful for patients whose veins are small or cannot be visualized


Practitioners can use both hands to locate veins and prepare for the procedure

It only takes about 5 minutes of training for a healthcare professional to learn how to use the device.





Ultrasound results
before stimulation
Ultrasound results
after stimulation